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Anthrocon 2020 Exam Session

Coming to Anthrocon? Want to take the FCC Written Exam?

If you’re attending Anthrocon 2020, and are interested in obtaining your FCC Amateur Radio license, or upgrading an existing license, come out and take the written exam!

The Furry Hams Volunteer Examiner team will be proctoring the FCC Written Exam (Elements 2, 3, AND 4) at Anthrocon 2020. The exam VEC is ARRL, who charge a $15.00 fee for taking the written exam, payable prior to commencing your exam.

Note that per FCC policy, you do not need to be a registered Anthrocon attendee to take the Exam, however if you intend to stay for the Ham Furs meetup, or otherwise attend the convention, you must register for Anthrocon (and we recommend you do, it’s a great convention!)

Date and Time: TBD! Stay tuned for details

Location: Westin Convention Center Pittsburgh

Ready to go? RSVP for the exam here, to ensure we have the right test materials for you!

Contact SDWolf for further details

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