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Amateur Radio NewslineT Report 1546

Amateur Radio NewslineT Report 1546 - March 30, 2007

Amateur Radio Newsline report number 1546 with a release
date of Friday, March 30th, 2007



And finally this week, a question. What do ham radio, fur
and the YouTube website have in common? Well if you said
hidden transmitter hunting, you would be pretty much
correct. Here's our roving reporter Pierre Pullinmyleg
with his annual early April report:


Zee Hyena is zee very interesting anna-mil. Zay are
moderately large and are native to Africa and India. So,
it iz very rare zat you find one on zee streets of a town
in zee U-S-A much less one zat likes to go on zee
transmitter hunt. But if you go to zee YouTube dot com
website you just might run into a ham radio operator
dressed in zee Hyena costume who talks about finding zee
elusive hidden T: Ok, it is a human in a Hyena suit who is
also a ham:


KD8AYJ: "My name is Julie Fraedrich, I currently live in
Streetboro, Ohio, and my callsign is KD8AYJ."


Ah, you are surprized zat it's a young lady zat is wearing
zee Hyena costume? Well, if you get to talk with Miss
Julie, she will tell you zat zee video was fun to make:


KD8AYJ: "At the time, I had just gotten my brand-new new
Samsung Mini-DV camera and I just had to have an excuse to
play with it. I put on my Hyena costume because I saw
another video on YouTube of a group of people who are
actually fox-hunting in animal costumes. I said that this
is 'so cool' so I put on my animal costume and I decided to
talk about fox hunts."


Zats right. Zere really is a convention where hams go to
T-hunt dressed up as annna-mals. It is called Anthrocon
and Miss Julie sez zat zere are really similarities between
making zee annamal costume and being zee ham radio
operator. She says zat both are challengzes:


KD8AYJ: "Ham radio like animal costuming is a challenge in
itself. Some are in ham radio to get that optimal signal.
Sometimes you are in it just to see how you can operate ham
radio with the very basic or primitive tools in situations
such as Field Day."

"I think that I was drawn to animal costuming and to do
Amateur Radio in the animal costumes just from the
challenge of the two. If you were to look at it from an
event diagram perspective, both incorporate challenges.
Some people build their own Amateur Radio gear and some
people like to build their own animal costumes. I think
that people who like to do both -- you know -- fox hunts
and animal costumes -- like at Anthrocom, they just have
overlapping similarities."


And where can you wear ze anna-mal costume and mingle with
other radio amateurs?


KD8AYJ: "Anthrocon is a convention that features and bases
itself on people who come from all over the world to wear
their costumes for an (extended) 4 to 5 day weekend. And,
of coarse they do have fox-hunts there. They have a mobile
fox-hunt and a stationary fox-hunt where people wear their
costumes doing -- which is pretty neat and is one of the
things that drawed me to make my own animal costume in the
first place."


A very fun story, no? Yes? And remember zat zee Hyena
always has zee last laugh.

On zee road, I am Pierre Pullinmyleg, reporting for zee
Amateur Radio Newsline.


If you want to see Miss Julie and her Hyena costume that
she calls Jixser, just go to and search for
"What happens when you combine fursuits and amateur radio?"

And if you want to hear more about how she got interested
in costuming and Amateur Radio, tune into this weeks RAIN
Report for part one of an in-depth two part interview with
her. Its on line now at and on the
phone at 773-249-0720.

And oh yes. Happy April 1st.

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(Story by Pierre Pullinmyleg for ARNewslineT)



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