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Vanity call signs

I've been dragging my hooves for years over getting a vanity call, and I have a pretty conservative notion of just dropping the "A" out to shorten mine. (In checking availability, I happened to notice that someone just acquired "NW0LF" though. Is that one of us?) Anyway, my main question is: What are all the things one needs to remember when changing call signs. I've already thought of these: 

  1. Notify ARRL, because it affects membership records, login at the website, and e-mail forwarding.
  2. Change my license plates. Ugh. This one has held me back for years. Now they're rusty enough that I need to replace them anyway.
  3. Notify my auto insurance of the license plate number change.
  4. Get new QSL cards printed. Another ugh.
  5. Surely some kind of adjustments are needed at LoTW and right?
  6. I have no idea what happens with the incoming QSL bureau. I still receive occasional QSLs from as much as 10 years ago, with the old call sign of course.
  7. Obviously, I have to change my profile and call sign here, however that works.

What else?