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Any furry hams fancy fur-to-fur QSOs with DL0FELL / DM3LEO ?

DM3LEO expect to be active between March 26th and April 1st, working also with the special call DL0FELL ("fell" is "fur" in german), based at Rittergut Schluesselburg in JO42nl, but spending a day on 27th March at a fur meet in Hannover in JO42uj.

Much of the time operation will be on 2m/70cm. Relevant echolink nodes: #21213 (Minden), #357496 (Nienburg) and #450771 (Hannover - but only on 27th).

Also, hopefully QRV on HF on 40m/20m/15m (depending on time and antenna situation).
Look around[MHz]: 7.14, 14.133, 21.195, 21.412 or freq.s for digital modes (likely PSK, no exotic modes).