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DL0FELL/p on Y·E·R·F (Fieldday)

Fellig will be active on Y·E·R·F with the clubstation DL0FELL/p.
Y·E·R·F is Fellig's yearly camping-'con'. It is part of the Eurofolk Music Festival Ingelheim.
While the HAM activities are just part of it it can be considered as Fellig's Fieldday, running from the tents on battery.

We will look for you and call CQ on 40m and 15m. Maybe on other bands. Look for us on 7.14MHz as well as on 21.412MHz (+/- QRM). You can also try us on 14.2MHz every day at 17:00 UTC. This year's Y·E·R·F will be from Thursday, 27-06-2013 to Money 01-07-2013. Location is JN49ax, Ingelheim (~30km west of Frankfurt am Main).

We may also do digital modes. Every QSO is confirmed via QSL-Card!

For more infos see: