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LoTW TQSL 2.0.1 help for Linux users

"Sort of" easier to use ARRL's Logbook of the World these days with Linux, since they do have the utility programs for TrustedQSL and tqslcert to run on Linux machines. However, they have recently revised those to combine them into one utility (TQSL version 2.0.1) and that version hasn't made it into the repositories for most distributions. You have to download the source from and compile it yourself. Long time Linux users are accustomed to this, but more and more recent users haven't had to do this kind of thing. Unfortunately, the League has not provided any instructions, nor have they supplied a list of dependencies. After several days of fiddling around on Ubuntu and Linux Mint, I have succeeded in getting the newest version to compile. I can't promise an answer for everyone, but I at least have a list of half a dozen dependencies that I needed to install before the compile would run. Feel free to contact me directly (k9nzi [at] arrl [dot] net) if you are struggling with this and need some help. --73 de 'Tivo