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HAM Repeater service for Further Confusion 2015

A UHF repeater is planned for FC 2015.  With your help, it could very well be bridged to VHF! Currently, the repeater is a repurposed Motorla GR300 with an ID-O-Matic controller mounted in the original GR300 housing.  It used no cavities and two separate GM300 radios, one for transmit, and one for receive in the same  metal box, with separaate transmit and receive antennas.  There is a duplexer in the chassis that can be tuned should someone have a portable spectrum analyzer and dummy load at the convention and wish to tune duplexer cavities.  We will have programming tools on site. I am seeking another pair of GM300 VHF radios to become the transmit/receive pair for the VHF side of this repeater.  I can bridge the controller so all audio on the receivers is mixed into the controller, and both UHF and VHF units transmit simultaneously.  If anyone has some extra GM300 or similar radios that can be programmed with Motorola RSS, and a RIB, and you are willing to either loan or sell them, let me know.  (I would rather purchase a cheap pair if Ic an) I have another GR300 chassis to mount it in, and I can then mount both of them into a short rolling Anvil road rack to make moving all that weight a little easier than having to lift it.  (As it is, it's like 30 lbs) This repeater is becoming a regular resource at southwestern furry events such as Further COnfusion ; BLFC, and Califur, and can be made available to any FuryHAM who wishes to transport it, and set it up. The repeater frequencies will be officially posted in convention operations at FC once we get on site and see how the spectrum plays out.  Usually, every year, 441.500+ (PM 100 Hz) works out just fine, and likely will again this year.  I have no idea where we will end up in VHF if we get radios for that.-scout , wo1fie, Further Confusion Radio Second.