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Repeater at FC 2015

I am bringing the wo1fie special event UHF repeater to FC 2015.  I would like to bridge it to VHF before the con.  If anyone can help me source a pair of Motorola GM300 or similar  Moto radios in the VHF band it would be greatly appreciated.  I have RSS for most moto radios.  as well as cables to program most.  but I definalte can handle Gm and Radius types.  Currently the repeater is a GR300 which is nothing more than two GM300's in a metal box with an Astron and a repeater controller with a fan on a thermal switch.  I have a scond G300 chassis and supply with no radios.  Hence the reason I want 2 more moto's to fill it.  I'm currently using an ID-O-Matic with a voice playback board in it, and I plan to simply mix the receiver radios, and dual transmit using he existing accessory jack harnesses wired in paralell.  (Switching, amplifying and mixing where necessary of course)