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Fox Hunt and Furry Ham Gathering at Further Confusion 2016

There will be a Furry Ham Gathering and Panel at Further Confusion 2016 held in San Jose CA over the weekend of January 15th to 17th. The exact time and location has not yet been decided by the programming committee of the convention. In addition there will be at least 1, possibly more "fox hunt"s during the convention. More details to follow as they become available.

Details on the fox transmitter. It is a Byonics Micro-Fox 15 set to 146.565 MHz and adjusted to an output power of 10 mW. The transmit cycle is 10 seconds per minute and the call sign is KA6UIX/FOX.

At the convention announcements about the panel and fox hunt will be tweeted by either @firelinecoyote or @FCBunnies.